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Alat Ukur Kandungan pH Ecosense ORP15A Pen Tester YSI

Brand : YSI
SKU Produk : I03K033SK0151JP1770P11657

Rp. 4.400.000,- / Pcs

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The EcoSense ORP15A pen-style instrument provides an easy-touse graphic interface, simple one-hand operation, memory, and low cost of ownership. The ORP15A measures ORP (absolute and relative mV) and temperature with the following features:

• IP-67 waterproof housing

• 1-year instrument warranty

• Automatic temperature compensation

• User-replaceable electrodes

• Clear, easy-to-read graphic display with on-screen instructions

• Absolute and relative mV readings

• “Hold” feature locks readings on display • 50 data-set memory

• >200 hour battery life; low battery indicator

• CE compliance

The ORP15A is designed for quick, accurate results in an economical platform. With a one-year instrument warranty and six-month electrode warranty, the ORP15A will fit your needs for an easy-to-use mV instrument for food (vegetable washing and sanitizers), swimming pools, wastewater, and aquaculture sampling. The ORP15A is a reusable pen-style instrument. The electrode cap is easy to replace while keeping the instrument.

    ORP :
    Range -1100 to +1100 mV
    Resolution 1 mV
    Accuracy 1 mV ±1 LSD
    Temperature :
    Range 10 to 100 °C (14.0 to 212 °F)
    Resolution 0.1 °C (0.2 °F)
    Accuracy ±0.3 °C (±0.6 °F)
    Operating Range 0.0 to 50.0 °C (32.0 to 122.0 °F)
    Water Resistance IP-67 waterproof case
    Weight with Batteries 105 grams (3.7 ounces)
    Battery Four LR44 alkalines included with purchase
    Battery Life 200 hours or greater (low battery indicator)
    Warranty One year instrument and six months electrode
    Auto Power Powers off after 10 minutes of inactivity
    Offset Range User input from -999 to +999 mV
    Temp Sensor Thermistor, 10k ohms, at 25 °C
    Memory Non-volatile; 50 sets (absolute or relative ORP, temperature, date and time stamp); erase all data function

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